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January 01, 2000


The material presented! in this course has illustrated uses of 3-D seismic to define subsurface structure, stratigraphy and rock properties. We have touched briefly on the physical basis of the seismic method, how seismic data (2-D and 3-D) are acquired and processed, the advantages of 3-D seismic over other methods, interpretation techniques, and looked at some case studies where 3-D seismic technology has been applied. No two-day short course can make a participant an expert in this or any other field. Furthermore, hands-on experience with 3-D seismic data on a powerful computer will be needed to truly grasp the speed and power of the technology. However, participants in this course should now be in a position to understand the “hows and whys”, and so be in a better position to: a) determine whether 3-D seismic technology is right for them in a given project, b) evaluate the results of a 3-D seismic interpretation, and с) by tracking down references provided in these notes, know where to go for more information.

Most of the focus in this course has been on petroleum applications of 3-D seismic technology, because that is where the technology has been developed. It remains to be demonstrated that this petroleum industry approach can be adapted to “academic” branches of the earth science. It also remains to be seen whether certain techniques (e.g., seismic attribute studies) can be adapted to the study of 3-D GPR data. However, if a geoscience project aims to define subsurface structure, stratigraphy

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SEPM Short Course Notes

3-D Seismic Interpretation: A Primer for Geologists

Bruce S. Hart
Bruce S. Hart
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
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January 01, 2000




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