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Selected Case Studies

January 01, 2000


Until this point, we have dealt with 3-D seismic in the abstract sense, i.e., the focus has been on general principles rather than on concrete examples of what types of things that the technology can accomplish. This chapter will present selected case studies that illustrate some accomplishments (and limitations) of 3-D interpretations. The studies are drawn from projects that the author has worked on personally. Brown (1999) and Weimer and Davis (1996) present many other excellent case studies that illustrate other uses of the technology, interpretation approaches and concepts that are not presented here. Two other good sources are The Leading Edge and First Break. Geophysics has had some good case studies lately, including a few that dealt with shallow, high-resolution (“environmental”) surveys. Trade magazines {World Oil, Oil and Gas Journal, etc.) also publish case studies.

Locations of the study areas are provided in Figure 7.1. The first case study deals with a small 3-D seismic survey collected in central New York. It shows some of the limitations that one can run into when working with a limited data set. Next, the offshore Gulf of Mexico is the scene for a multidisciplinary study of how depositional features control production from Pleistocene shelf margin deltas. The structural geology of that same area is the focus of the third case study. This work discusses the three-dimensional evolution of a growth fault array and shows how 3-D seismic data can be exploited to study structural problems. Finally, we will

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3-D Seismic Interpretation: A Primer for Geologists

Bruce S. Hart
Bruce S. Hart
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
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January 01, 2000




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