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Estuarine mudstones occur in the central basin of many wave-dominated valley-fill systems. These mudstones are flanked on the landward side by the sandstones of the bay head delta and on the seaward side by the sandstones of the barrier island, tidal inlet and/or flood-tidal delta (marine sandstones). The longitudinal transition from bay head delta sandstones to central basin mudstones to marine sandstones defines the tripartite facies zonation.

Central basin mudstones are observed in the Crystal and Sundance/Edson valley-fill deposits of the Viking Formation in central Alberta. These deposits are underlain by the bioturbated mudstones and siltstones of the regional parasequences (highstand systems tract). The central basin mudstones are distinguished from the regional mudstones by their sedimentology, ichnology and vertical facies succession.

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