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Fluid Inclusion Petrography

January 01, 1994


This chapter presents practical methodologies for examining the petrographic characteristics of fluid inclusions in diagenetic minerals, together with a format for interpreting the diagenetic environment and thermal history of a sample from the petrography of the fluid inclusions alone! Accomplishing a study of fluid inclusion petrography is much like any other petrographic study in that there are certain necessities, and some amount of thought and effort is required before a sample can be studied: samples must be collected with respect to the problem at hand, samples must be prepared for microscopic observation, and a properly adjusted microscope must be available. The difference between standard thin section petrography and fluid inclusion petrography is that each of these mechanical steps must be carried-out with great care; otherwise, great barriers will impede even the most persevering scientist from obtaining useful information from the fluid inclusions. Luckily, the reader will be relieved to know that these mechanics have been solved to the extent that all that is required for their successful implementation is to take note of the information presented in this chapter.

The next hurdle will be for an inclusionist to record the fluid inclusion petrography. This is not a trivial undertaking — remember what it was like when you took your first thin section petrography course! In a single thin section there can be thousands of crystals. The object is to be selective: a petrographer learns to answer a series of mental questions (e.g., minerals present, textures present, etc.) in order to

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Systematics of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals

Robert H. Goldstein
Robert H. Goldstein
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T. James Reynolds
T. James Reynolds
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January 01, 1994




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