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Four papers, addressing all or part of the upper Cretaceous, were submitted for this volume. Two papers concern sequence stratigraphic interpretations of carbonate ramp deposits in northern Spain. Gräfe and Wiedmann (this volume) describe the sequence stratigraphy of the Basco-Cantabrian Basin and Floquet (this volume) describes the sequence stratigraphy of shallow water carbonates of the Castillian Ramp. Robaszynski et al. (this volume) describe and calibrate sequence stratigraphic interpretations for the Cenomanian and lowermost Turonian in five areas of the boreal Anglo-Paris Basin including basin margin sections in Devon (UK) and the type area of the Cenomanian Stage, Maine (France), basinal sections in Kent (UK) and the Boulonnais (France) and an intermediate section in Normandy (France). Philip (this volume) describes sequences and systems tracts in mixed carbonate and siliciclastic deposits in the Provence (southeastern France). All papers illustrate the transgressive nature of the Cenomanian and lower Turonian. Floquet (this volume) begins his late Cretaceous/Danian Megacycle with "Cycle boundary" CB 1 at the inflata—dispar ammonite zonal boundary in the upper Albian. Floquet (this volume) divides his Cretaceous/Danian Megacycle in four "Long-Term Depositional Cycles" with boundaries at the base of the late Cenomanian, earliest Coniacian and latest Santonian.

The Cenomanian transgression in northwestern Europe, described by Robaszynski et al. (this volume), appears to coincide with a basin subsidence event resulting in a rapid increase of accommodation space in the upper lower, middle and upper Cenomanian. Rates of sedimentation are moderate in most of the Cenomanian but appear to slow in the uppermost part (Plenus Marl). Robaszynski et al. (this volume) identify 6 sequences in the uppermost Albian and Cenomanian interval calibrated to boreal ammonite zones. The sequences described by Robaszynski et al. (this volume) are carried on the Cretaceous chronostratigraphic chart (Chart 4 of Hardenbol et al., this volume).

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