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The stratigraphic position of sequences on the new Cenozoic chronostratigraphic chart is based on information from papers submitted for publication in this volume. Much of this data was presented at poster sessions of the Sequence Stratigraphy of European Basins Meeting in Dijon, France in 1992. Of the eleven papers addressing Cenozoic sequence stratigraphy in this volume, four papers include sequence information for both Neogene and Paleogene, three papers address sequence stratigraphy in the Neogene and four papers deal with the Paleogene.

Paleogene sedimentary basins described in the papers submitted for this volume occur in compressional, extensional, and passive margin settings and are filled with sediments deposited in paleoenvironments that varied from non-marine to bathyal depths. Despite the variability, deposits of this age can be widely correlated due to an integrated biochronostratigraphic calibration that encompasses every type of available stratigraphic marker.

In general, studies on Paleogene sequence stratigraphy fall into two major geographical areas: the greater North Sea basin, and the greater Mediterranean basin. Much of the detail in the new European Basins Cycle Chart comes from the greater North Sea basin. This province has been intensely studied for biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy for much of the last 25 years. The International Geologic Correlation Program (IGCP) #124 (Vinken et al., 1988) gathered stratigraphic information from many different sources to erect a stratigraphic calibration that contributed to the present studies. Subsequent work has refined that framework even more and now combines physical (sequence) stratigraphy with the more traditional biostratigraphic and lithostratigraphic approach. The publication of "A Revised Cenozoic Geochronology and Chronostratigraphy" (Berggren et al., 1995) provided a state of the art temporal framework.

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