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Neogene deposits discussed in the six papers submitted for this volume are situated in the North Sea basin, Pannonian Basin, Piedmont Basin and the Central Mediterranean Basin (Sicily). Contributions for the North Sea Basin discuss the Paleogene and Neogene deposits of the eastern subsurface offshore Denmark and its southern rim in Belgium. Studies of the Pannonian Basin (Hungary) and Piedmont Basin (Italy) address Oligocene through middle Miocene deposits. Two papers on the Central Mediterranean Basin in Sicily describe the Plio-Pleistocene record. Neogene Alpine compressive tectonics led to a general uplift of Europe except for the present offshore North Sea basin. Neogene deposits in northwestern Europe are generally thin, stratigraphically incomplete and often marginal to non-marine. In the Alpine/Carpathian realm, localized tectonic events formed isolated basins such as the Piedmont and Pannonian Basins. The Mediterranean area was undergoing major tectonic rearrangements in the Neogene.

Stratigraphic calibration of proposed sequence records to the integrated Berggren et al. (1995) time scale could only be achieved with confidence for lower to middle Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene deposits laid down under open-marine conditions in mid latitude settings in the Pannonian, Piedmont and Mediterranean Basins. The incomplete record for the upper Miocene could not be reliably calibrated to the Berggren et al. (1995) time scale and the Haq et al. (1987) record for the upper Miocene is retained on the Cenozoic chronostratigraphic chart.

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