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The magnetic characteristics of rocks are briefly discussed in this article. A discussion of the various factors affecting susceptibility has been included. A short description of various methods of measuring the magnetic properties of rocks is given and then an indication of the magnetic properties of some typical igneous rocks given. In general, basic intrusives and volcanics are found to have strong permanent magnetization which must be important in giving magnetic anomalies. Granitic intrusives, on the other hand, seem to have only weak and scattered remanent magnetizations so that the effect of sus-ceptibility is dominant.

In many geophysical studies, it is found that the magnetic properties of rocks are of interest. It is usual to study both the susceptibility and the remanent magnetism of rocks. In the preceding section of this chapter, Cox and Doell have discussed the physical principles underlying remanent (or permanent) magnetization. In this section, discussions of magnetic susceptibility, of the measurement techniques used in studying the magnetic properties of rocksof the magnetic properties of various rock types are presented.

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