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In 1977 the Geological Survey of Canada initiated a project to produce colored magnetic-anomaly maps at a scale of 1:1 000 000 for those areas of Canada covered by published aeromagnetic maps at a scale of 1:50 000 or 1 inch: 1 mile. An additional objective of this project was to create a magnetic data bank for Canada which could be used at scales from 1:250 000.

One of the more interesting uses of these data has been the generation of magnetic shaded-relief maps in which the magnetic-field values are assigned a vertical scale to represent topography and illuminated from a light source (usually considered to be the sun). This procedure has the effect of enhancing features such as dikes and contacts that are not seen on the original magnetic-anomaly maps because of the coarseness of the color scale. The data can also be used with standard continuation or derivative techniques.

It is intended that the 1:1 000 000-scale magnetic-anomaly maps will be utilized essentially as basic building blocks in compiling future editions of the 1:5 000 000-scale Magnetic Anomaly Map of Canada, which will in turn be used for the Magnetic Anomaly Map of North America being compiled as part of the Geological Society of America's Decade of North American Geology program.

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