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The cooperative gravity studies carried out in conjunction with the Woods Hole-University of Wisconsin gravity program can be divided on the basis of pendulum measurements, regional gravimeter measurements, and gravimeter calibration comparison studies. In some cases it involved measurements by the writer and his students; in some cases measurements by others, and in some cases joint operations. Some of the data obtained have been published separately, some are incorporated in the present report, and some will be reported at a later date.

The most ambitious of these cooperative studies, and one which is still in progress, is the preparation of isoanomaly gravity maps of the United States. This project has had the wholehearted cooperation of the United States Geological Survey, the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, most of the major oil com-panies but particularly The Ohio Oil Company (now Marathon Oil Company), the California Exploration Company, the Gulf Research and Development Company, the Shell Oil Company, the Magnolia Oil Company, the Brown Geophysical Company, and the Bear Creek Mining Company. Academic institutions who have contributed substantially to the data or worked cooperatively to fill in data where it was needed are Princeton University, Harvard University, the University of North Carolina, the University of California, Pennsylvania State College, the University of Utah, the Michigan School of Mines and Technology, Ohio State University, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and Columbia University. The work has been carried on under the aegis of the Special Committee for the Geological and Geophysical Study of the

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