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1. Tacconi, G., Editor, 1977. Aspects. of Signal Processing with Emphasis on Underwater Acoustics. NATO Adv. Study Inst., Ser. C, Vol. 33, Reidel, Dordrecht, Part 1+Part 2, 787 pp.

The content is divided into six sections: (1) Properties of time/space variant transmission channel and underwater communications (8 papers). (2) Detection estimation and tracking techniques. (11 papers). (3) Time-space processing, adaptive processing and normalization, quantization methods (17 papers). (4) Displays, pattern recognition, human decision (2 papers). (5) Relevant inputs from other fields (7 papers). (6) Modern processor architecture and techniques (5 papers). Three papers are reported in this bibliography in more detail under the respective authors (O.L. Frost, RT. Lacoss, A.B. Baggeroer),

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