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1. Sabri, M.S. and Steenaart, W., 1978. An approach to band-limited signal extrapolation: The extrapolation matrix. IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems, CAS-25: 74–78. Also in Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Circuits Syst., pp. 674–677 (1977). Comments by the authors in ASSP-28: 254 (1980).

Several extrapolation and spectrum estimation techniques have been presented in the literature, among them the maximum-entropy method. This paper presents a fast band-limited signal extrapolation technique where the total extrapolation process is achieved by a single matrix operation. The proposed technique and its implementation has many advantages over known extrapolation techniques in terms of computational savings and accuracy of the results. A realization is presented which allows adjustment to any given signal bandwidth. This realization can work on a real-time basis. The development is based on Fourier methods, but is still included here because of its relations to :MEM analysis.

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