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1. Radoski, B.R., Fougere, P.F., and Zawalick, E.J., 1974. A high resolution power spectral estimate: The maximum entropy method Tech. Rep. AFCRL-TR-74-0088, Air Force Cambridge Research Labs., 21 pp.

This paper discusses three methods of spectral analysis: Blackman-Tukey, Levinson, and Burg. The first is an improvement ofthe usual Blackman-Tukey method, resulting in a smooth spectrum and higher resolution. The Levinson spectrum is a maximum-entropy spectral estimate, calculated by an algorithm due to Levinson. It provides improved resolution over the modified Blackman-Tukey method. The third spectrum is also called a BPEC (Burg prediction error coefficients) spectrum.. It is also a maximum-entropy estimate but calculated according to Burg’s technique. It is an improvement over the Levinson spectrum and produces a sharp spectrum with high resolution. The spectra are compared for constructed as well as real examples (geomagnetic micropulsations, sunspot numbers). - The paper is very clear and tutorial.

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