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1. Nadeu, C. and Bertran, M., 1983. Two methods of spectral estimation with rational log spectrum. Proc. 2nd Europ. Signal Process. Conf., EUSIPCO-83: 471–474. Cf. also Signal Process., 10: 7–18 (1986).

Two methods being a compromise between 1) spectral matching of rather flat spectra and 2) resolution are presented [MEM is good at 2) but not at 1); conventional methods are good at 1) but not at 2)]. An efficient iterative algorithm allows one to find the spectral estimate. Some results, extracted from an extensive empirical study, are presented. On the one hand, the methods show a clear enhancement, with respect to the MEM, when the correct spectrum has no prominent peaks or is not AR. On the other hand, the resolution is higher than in the conventional methods and even than in the maximum-likelihood method (MLM) of Capon.

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