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1. Lacoss, R.T., 1971. Data adaptive spectral analysis methods. Geophysics, 36: 661–675. Also in Modem Spectrum Analysis, D.G. Childers, Editor, IEEE Press, New York, pp. 134–148 (1978).

Two new methods (MLM of Capon and MEM of Burg) for power spectral density estimation of scalar time series have been experimentally investigated. Both methods, unlike conventional methods, adapt to the actual characteristics of the process under study. The new techniques are particularly valuable if the process contains one or more narrow peaks in frequency which are to be resolved. In this case, the output peaks from MEM are proportional to the square of the power in the narrow peaks but the area is equal to power. The peak values of the :MLM reflect power directly. - This paper, frequently referred to in the literature, is especially valuable because of the comparisons made between conventional methods (Bartlett window), MLM, and MEM, partly for artificial samples (sine waves plus white noise), partly for actual records (long-period seismic noise).

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