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The discussion has been restricted, heretofore, to the case of a single isotropic medium in which the seismic velocity is assumed to be constant. Generally speaking, the sedimentary beds with which the petroleum seismologist is concerned are neither ideally uniform as our theoretical requirements demand, nor is the subsurface of one medium. Still another item that must constantly be kept in mind is that the bedding in the subsurface studied from the geological standpoint is, at times, quite different when studied from the seismic standpoint. However, for the most part, these two aspects of bedding are generally quite conformable or parallel to one another, and, in fact, often coincidental. It is this fortuitous situation which makes it possible to apply seismological methods in petroleum exploration.

It is conceivable that, with the data of sufficiently high precision and of the proper type and with the application of the appropriate mathematical procedures, a complete delineation of the subsurface bedding--seismically considered-could be accomplished. It is doubtful whether precision of this degree in our data could ever be attained.

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