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In this lesson we shall discuss some of the basic ideas which form the structure of the theory of interpretation of reflection seismology. If the eye of an observer, E in Figure 9, looks into a mirror, MM, in order to see the reflection of a point object 0, he will see the reflection at the imaginary point 0', which is called the image point of O. This image point 0' is obtained in this manner: From 0 drop a perpendicular OP to the plane of the mirror MM. Then, extend this perpendicular to 0' so that OP=PO'.

Actually, although the observer at E looks towards this image point 0', the light waves travel from 0 to the mirror MM and from there they are reflected to E. To obtain the path of the light wave from 0 to E, we join 0' to E by a straight line which will intersect MM in a point R. The point R is then the reflecting point and the light wave path is the path ORE.

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