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In the 13 years since the publication of the National Bureau of Standards comprehensive tables of thermochemical properties, by Rossini and others [4], a very large body of modern calorimetric and equilibrium data has become available. Because of the complex interrelationships among many thermochemical data and the necessity for internal consistency among these values, a complete revision of this standard reference is required. This is also true of the summaries of thermochemical data for the sulfides [67] and for the oxides [12].

The following tables present critically selected values for the heat and free energy of formation, the logarithm of the equilibrium constant of formation Log K f, the entropy, and the molar volume, at 298.15° K (25.0° C) and 1 atmosphere for minerals.

Except for the gases, the molar volumes were taken directly from section 5 of this handbook. For a gas, the standard state is the ideal gas at 1 atmosphere pressure, and consequently all ideal gases have the same molar volume, equal to RT , at a given temperature. The volumes given in section 16 are those for the real gas at 298.15° K and 1 atmosphere and are therefore different from those given here.

For all compounds except the silicates, the heat and free energy and Log K f refer to formation from the elements in their standard states. Thermodynamic properties of elements not listed in these tables but used in the calculations were taken from Kelley and King [1] and Stull and Sinke [93],

For the silicates δH° f ,298.15,

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