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The purpose of this work is a general review of the gravity and magnetic methods of geophysica exploration as applied in the search for petroleum. This material is not designed for the gravity and magnetic specialist but rather for the geologists and seismologists who may not have a thorough appreciation of the applications of these methods in the overall exploration picture.

A subtitle for this monograph might well be "The Other Five Percent." This is because the seismic method and its associated data processing account for some 95 percent of the total expenditures for petroleum exploration geophysics so that whatever application is made of the gravity and magnetic methods comes out of the other 5 percent. This does not mean that these methods make a proportionately small contribution to the overall exploration effort. Because of the relatively rapid rate of progress in the field, particularly by airborne magnetics, the total area covered by gravity and magnetic surveys may bc greater than that covered by the much greater seismic expenditures. As a very rough rule-ofthumb, the relative cost per unit area of magnetic, gravity and seismic field work with data processing stand in the ratio of 1 to 10 to 100. It is the hope and purpose of this monograph th at a better appreciation of the value of the potential methods and understanding of their applications may be brought about so that they can be applied with proper perspective in the overall exploration picture.

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