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Gadolinium-dominant monazite and xenotime: Selective hydrothermal enrichment of middle REE during low-temperature alteration of uraninite, brannerite, and fluorapatite (the Zimná Voda REE-U-Au quartz vein, Western Carpathians, Slovakia)

American Mineralogist (2023) 108 (4): 754–768.
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New Mineral Names
American Mineralogist (2024) 109 (4): 799.
Monazite-(Gd), a new Gd-dominant mineral of the monazite group from the Zimná Voda REE–U–Au quartz vein, Prakovce, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Mineralogical Magazine (2023) 87 (4): 568.
Secondary uranyl arsenates–phosphates and Sb–Bi-rich minerals of the segnitite–philipsbornite series in the oxidation zone at the Prakovce-Zimná Voda REE–U–Au quartz-vein mineralisation, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Mineralogical Magazine (2023) 87 (6): 849.
Mineral chemistry and genesis of monazite-(Sm) and monazite-(Nd) from the Blue Beryl Dyke of the Julianna pegmatite system at Piława Górna, Lower Silesia, Poland
Mineralogical Magazine (2023) 87 (4): 575.
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