It is a pleasure to introduce Patricia Dove as the 2013 Dana Medal winner. Trish is a superb scientist, a marvelous mentor, and a fabulous friend. I first got to know her when she was a student with David Crerar at Princeton, and I advised her in the last stages of her thesis when Dave became so tragically ill. We became fast friends and interactive colleagues. After her postdoctoral experience, Trish took a faculty position at Georgia Tech and in a few years moved to Virginia Tech, a homecoming. Her research started with mineral dissolution, from which she has moved on to mineral formation in both inorganic and biologically mediated systems. She applies quantitative kinetic and surface structural studies to these processes and has become a world leader in biomineralization. She has received many well-deserved honors, including election to the NAS. Patricia Dove is a multidimensional and whole person—she manages science, family, horses, a farm—all with firmness and grace. She is a leader. I am delighted the MSA has honored her with the Dana medal, a mid-career award that acknowledges achievements in the past and present and looks forward to even greater success in the future.