Open Access, thanks to the authors’ funding. Article available to all readers via GSW ( and the MSA web site.

Accurate determination of ferric iron in garnets by bulk Mössbauer and synchrotron micro-XANES spectroscopies by M. Darby Dyar, Elly A. Breves, Erica Emerson, Samuel Bell, Melissa Nelms, Marie V. Ozanne, Samantha Peel, Marco L. Carmosino, Jonathan M. Tucker, Mickey E. Gunter, Jeremy S. Delaney, Antonio Lanzirotti, and Alan B. Woodland (October, vol. 97, p. 1726–1659, 2012. Article DOI: 10.2138/am.2012.4107; Erratum DOI: 10.2138/am-2016-E101310).

We here correct provenance information and species names in Table 1, in keeping with the new nomenclature of the garnet supergroup (Grew et al. 2013). Also, in the original version of Table 2, three values of FeO and Fe2O3 may have been incorrectly reported from electron microprobe analysis (EMPA). Because of the large errors propagated onto calculations of iron redox state based on stoichiometry, these values were not used further or even commented upon in the paper, and are hereby retracted. We now provide a revised table that reports all Fe as FeOT, and corrects the resultant analytical totals and Mössbauer-based FeO and Fe2O3. These changes in no way impact any of the subsequent content of our paper because both Mössbauer spectroscopy and synchrotron X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy use units of %Fe3+ that are independent of total Fe contents.

We are grateful to Ryan Quinn, John Valley, Zeb Page, and John Fournelle for noting these problems and to Peter Crowley for help with reconstructing corrected sample locations.