Geomorphic and three-dimensional geologic mapping reveals two major fault systems of the seismically active Reelfoot rift pass beneath Dyer County in northwestern Tennessee, the Reelfoot South fault, and the east-bounding faults of the Reelfoot rift. The Dyer County mapping also indicates that the two principal Reelfoot South fault hanging wall structures, the Lake County uplift and Tiptonville dome, pass beneath the county. Quaternary displacement was identified on southeastern Reelfoot rift margin faults in Dyer County, thus indicating that this rift margin has been active during the Quaternary from adjacent Obion County through Dyer County to Lauderdale County, Tennessee, for a distance of at least 60 km. The three-dimensional geologic mapping also provides stratigraphic thicknesses of surface sediment and underlying Paleogene and Cretaceous strata that significantly contribute to the estimation of ground motion in the event of a future large New Madrid seismic zone earthquake. The new ground motion maps using the three-dimensional geology of Dyer County are compared to the current U.S. Geological Survey earthquake hazard maps. This comparison reveals generally lower acceleration for buildings less than four stories high and greater acceleration for buildings greater than 10 stories high in the event of a large New Madrid seismic zone earthquake.

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