Deep mixing is an improvement method performed in the creation of mixed columns, which includes the in situ mixing of soil and lime or Portland cement using special equipment (using rigs with counter-rotating augers). In this study, series of unconfined compression tests were carried out on soft clayey soils using deep mixing with polymers. In the experiments, two polymers (i.e., polyester and guar gum) and lime were used as binder materials at different ratios. Samples cured for 14, 28, and 150 days were exposed to five and 10 cycles of freeze-thaw, and samples that were not exposed to freeze-thaw cycles were tested in order to investigate the freeze-thaw effect. The unconfined compressive strength increased continuously with the increase of polyester and curing period, while the changes in unconfined compressive strength with increase of freeze-thaw cycles were insignificant. The overall evaluation of the results has revealed that polyester and guar gum showed potential as candidates for deep mixing applications in soft clayey soils.

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