Shoreline change in the Espinho area (northwest Portugal) is a chronic problem. The present study takes advantage of geographical information system (GIS) tools to contribute to the knowledge of the geologic and geomorphological dynamics of the Espinho shoreline. A GIS-based monitoring project was compiled, which gathers information on all coastal works located along the Espinho shoreline, focusing especially on construction, monitoring, and repair aspects. Shoreline change was analyzed using the ArcGIS extension “Digital Shoreline Analysis System” (DSAS) to understand this important aspect of coastal management. This work also emphasizes the importance of geotechnical assessment of coastal protection structures in diagnosing their degree of damage and/or deterioration so that one can plan more efficient maintenance works. Our results indicate a general trend of erosion to the south and accretion to the north of the Espinho coastal area. Geoengineering characterization of the Paramos groin defines three main zones for the armor block materials (i.e., Zones I, II/III, and IV), which show, respectively, very low, medium to high, and low deterioration levels.

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