Stratigraphic interpretations of dip logs have been attempted since the middle 1960s, with limited success. In many cases the dip-log information is not suitable for a stratigraphic interpretation. Deficient computation procedures for stratigraphic information and failure to remove postdepositional structural tilting are two common shortcomings.

Determination of the depositional environment of a sandstone requires consideration of (1) the paleocurrent dips within the sandstone, (2) dips in the units surrounding the sandstone, (3) and the depositional environment of the formation. Bar-type sandstones normally have internal paleocurrent dips in the same direction as the overlying shale dips. The paleocurrent dips in channel-type sandstones are perpendicular to the dips in the adjacent shales.

The sandstone interpretation generally should agree with a regional depositional model for sandstones. Marine-bar sands usually subparallel the regional depositional slope, whereas channel sands are perpendicular to the slope.

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