FetKin is a C++ program for forward modeling thermochronological ages on a two-dimensional geological cross section. Modeled ages for various thermochronometers are computed from time–temperature histories that result from coupling the modeled kinematics of deformation obtained from commercial software for balanced reconstructions (2DMove) and a finite element computation of temperatures. Additional capabilities include the ability to accommodate (1) a smooth change of topological relief; (2) the influence of variation in rock physical properties; and (3) multikinetic modeling of fission-track ages and length distributions, as well as apatite and zircon (U-Th)/He and muscovite Ar40/Ar39 systems. A joint first-order analysis of the impact of erosion parameters and material properties improves age predictions and allows for a more complete analysis of observed cooling ages based on their modeled thermal histories. Thus, this paper presents a new software tool that has been developed as a basic support for the methodological approach used to build the kinematic restorations shown in this volume, which are the basic input for petroleum systems modeling and prediction in the Colombian Eastern Cordillera and Llanos foothills basin.

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