Production from self-sourced reservoirs relies on natural and induced fracturing for permeability and conductance of hydrocarbons to the producing wellbores, thus natural or induced fracturing is often a key to success in unconventional reservoir plays. On the other hand, fractures may compromise seals and large or well-connected fractures or faults may cause undesirable complications for unconventional reservoirs. Natural and induced fractures are influenced by (1) mechanical stratigraphy, (2) pre-existing natural deformation such as faults, fractures, and folds, and (3) in situ stress conditions, both natural and as modified by stimulation and pressure depletion. This special issue of the AAPG Bulletin elucidates some of these structural geologic and geomechanical controls. Understanding the occurrence and controls on natural and induced faulting and fracturing in self-sourced reservoirs is a key component for developing effective approaches for exploiting self-sourced reservoirs.

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