Many published sequence-stratigraphic frameworks lack a systematic and consistent designation for both depositional sequences and key surfaces, despite the original goal to provide a fully integrated stratigraphic architecture, including diagnostic age information. Based on a system in use for more than 10 yr at ExxonMobil, we recommend methodologies for a chronostratigraphic designation system (CDS) using more uniform and robust sequence-stratigraphic designations.

After objectively defining important physical stratigraphic surfaces, biostratigraphic and other age-constraining information is used to designate surfaces and the packages of rocks they bound. This leads to the establishment of a sequence chronostratigraphic framework for a local area of investigation (outcrop section, field, region, or basin). Only after demonstrating clear well-documented ties to Phanerozoic global coastal onlaps or cycle charts are these sequences and associated surfaces considered as “global” entities and designated as such. Higher frequency sequences and surfaces are also accommodated in this CDS. Alternative designations for areas with limited or poor quality chronostratigraphic information are also discussed.

The CDS has proven to have great use in all Phanerozoic strata, different tectonic settings, and depositional environments, especially when chronostratigraphic age constraints are robust. We have used this system at regional and basinal scales in many geographic locations to help reduce uncertainty in identifying and correlating reservoirs, sources, and seal rocks. Predicting the local distribution and quality of reservoirs as well as seals within a producing field and near field wildcats is also facilitated by this system. This system has demonstrated use in the correlation of outcrop sections within a basin or between basins.

Rigorous use of the CDS proposed here will permit meaningful regional and/or interbasinal correlation that is difficult to carry out with the diverse systems currently in use. This uniform designation scheme will also facilitate communication within a company and between institutions, as well as among academic investigators.

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