Musing on Mark Twain's observations about introductions, I've often wondered if obituaries are really necessary. But if one is required, I'd prefer to do the act myself so I can rely on getting in all the facts. So here goes, following the format used in the Rocky Mountain News. (Someone will need to substitute the appropriate age and date, since I'll be otherwise occupied.) Philip McRae "Mac" Jones, 65, of Denver, died February 23, 1998. Jones was born in Kilgore, Texas, June 18, 1932. Cruelly denied by his youth an opportunity to vote for Herbert Hoover, he immediately withdrew into petulant obscurity until he emerged from the University of Oklahoma in 1955 with a somewhat shaky degree in geology and a taste for oil exploration. He married Susan Welty of Rockford, Illinois, on November 15, 1958, and he dragged her, loyal and uncomplaining, to garden spots like Midland, Los Angeles, and Houston, until they settled in Denver in 1980, to her everlasting relief. Susan preceded him in death on May 22, 1994, and he sorely missed her every hour since then until his own demise. Surviving are two children, Stephen Jones of Cave Creek, Arizona, and Carol Smith, of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and three granddaughters, Jessie and Kelly Smith and Erin Jones. He is also survived by his beloved goddaughter, Shelby Parenteau, and her equally beloved parents, Jeff and Bernice, who made him part of their remarkable family. Jones and Sonny Wyman, the best partner a man could ever have, founded McRae & Henry in 1986, and actually survived in the oil and gas business, much to their mutual surprise. He leaves behind an unbelievably talented and devoted staff. Jones voted for Richard Nixon only once, and was uncommonly regretful afterward. A man can't have an experience like that and remain entirely cheerful for the rest of his life. The deceased requested that in lieu of flowers or the usual contributions to some charity, you spend the money on something giddy and silly and fun.

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