Norman Winkle died on June 4, 1998 from complications of a heart bypass operation. He will be missed by all his friends and was very devoted to his family. He was born in 1925 at Nacona, Texas, to Houston and Elsie Winkle. They later moved to Canadian, Texas, where Norm went through school. He graduated in 1943 even though he had left shortly before graduation for the U.S. Army. He served three years in the Army, including eighteen months in Germany. Upon his return to Canadian he married Margaret Ann Hutcheson in December 1946. He enrolled at Oklahoma University (OU) in 1949 at Norman, Oklahoma. Prior to leaving for college he worked as a roughneck and roustabout on rigs in the Texas panhandle. While attending school he worked at the university golf course and developed a strong love for golf. He received his degree in petroleum geology in 1953. Upon graduation he moved to Oklahoma City and went to work for Mid-States Oil and Gas Company In the following 20 years he also worked for Tenneco Oil and Gas, Jocelyn Varn Oil Company, and Basin Petroleum Company. In 1973 he became an independent geologist. He conducted most of his geological work in north and northwest Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle. Through his exposure to golf while in college he became an avid golfer and developed many close friends through golf. He was a member at Twin Hills Golf and Country Club, and later for many years he was a member of Oak Tree Golf Club. He attended most of the geological golf tournaments in the Oklahoma area and was a sponsor for the Oilmen's golf tournament in Oklahoma City. He also liked other sports and was a silent but strong supporter of the OU football team. He hardly left the house if OU was playing and on television. He was a 50-year member of the Canadian, Texas Masonic Lodge. He was also a member of the Crown Heights Christian Church in Oklahoma City. He is survived by his wife, Margaret, a daughter, Jo Ann Gaglinardi, her son, Taylor Drew, her daughter, Whitney Brooke, and her husband, Fred of Oklahoma City; a son, David Norman Winkle, his wife, Betsy, and two granddaughters, Kelly Elizabeth and Allison Margaret of Coppell, Texas. He was a member of AAPG, the Oklahoma City Landmen, and the Oklahoma City Geological Society. Norm was a very good friend to many people and was a very sincere person. He will be missed by his family and the many friends he made through life.

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