Lloyd D. Owens, born October 1918, died of cancer July 9, 1998, at age 79. Lloyd's character and life were defined by his strong personal example of integrity, commitment, and good humor--all of which were dedicated to his family, friends, and profession. He was truly a person with many friends and admirers and no detractors. Lloyd was raised in Owosso, Michigan, and attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he received B.S. (1940) and M.S. (1941) degrees in geology. Following a brief period as a machinist with the Chrysler Corporation in the war effort, he joined Standard Oil of California in 1943 as a geologist. After a short introduction in California he was assigned overseas to a Socal (now Chevron) subsidiary in Egypt. A year later he transferred to Aramco in Dahran, Saudi Arabia. For the next four years he mapped surface geology in the interior of Arabia. A typical field party consisted of a crew of Arabic-speaking support personnel and two American geologists. This was a real adventure in a remote undeveloped area. The two Americans got to know each other so well that they were "talked out" and decided that one of them should carry the crew's rifle while the other carried its bullets. Truly pioneer exploration! In 1949 he returned to the United States, where he worked on well-site and geologic mapping projects with Socal in Taft, California. He met his wife Barbara in 1953 at an AAPG convention, and they were married a year later. He continued to work for Chevron in Bakersfield and San Francisco until his retirement in 1977. Most of his career with Chevron was devoted to a variety of surface and subsurface geologic mapping projects involving both exploration and production objectives. He was widely recognized in Chevron for his valuable contributions to the company's long-standing success in California exploration and production. He was a true mentor to the younger geologists, exemplifying the best geologic skills, ethics, and humor. While living in California during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Lloyd and Barbara raised their four children, two girls and two boys. After retirement in 1977 they moved to Prescott, Arizona, where he resided until his death. Travel, horses, dogs, grandchildren, and his wife Barbara were his main interests and enjoyment in his retirement. Like many others, including Demosthenes and Moses, Lloyd lived with a speech impediment. Fortunately, it didn't impede his relationships with and welcome input to a great circle of friends. His writings never suffered from a lack of words or delightful rhetoric. Readers' reactions to his letters (and there were many) were similar. After reading the letter, the recipient passed it along to others present with the following inescapable sequential comments, "Ya gotta read this. . . . Isn't that great? . . . I wish I could write like that." Lloyd leaves behind a large number of sincere friends who remember his serious professional ethics, accurate geological maps, and his great sense of humor. He is survived by his beloved wife, Barbara, his sister, four children, two daughters-in-law, and eleven grandchildren. We all miss you, Lloyd.

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