Thaddeus Blair Vance was born October 14, 1915, in Texarkana, Arkansas, the oldest child of Thaddeus Benham Vance and Claire Blair Vance. He attended the University of Arkansas and graduated in 1939 with a B.S. degree in education. He achieved a B.A. degree in geology in 1942 from the University of Tulsa, followed by postgraduate work at Michigan State University. He was a member of AAPG, a past-president of the Michigan Basin Geologic Society, a member of the Michigan Society of Economic Geophysicists, and a member of the Michigan Oil and Gas Association. Thaddeus Blair Vance, 80, passed away August 6, 1996, at Bay Medical Center, Bay City, Michigan. Thad served as an employee of The Texas Company (Texaco) for seven years. Leaving Texaco in 1945, after having geological experience in 12 states, including Oklahoma, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, he served Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company in search for gas and gas storage for their Michigan utility customers. He continued his service with Panhandle for 14 years and made gas discoveries in both Livingston and St. Clair counties, Michigan. He was first associated with the Southeastern Michigan Gas Company in the late 1950s. He directed the use of salina salt caverns for the storage of gas for Southeastern in the early 1960s, and developed salt caverns for use as high-pressure holders of hydrocarbons by both Battle Creek Gas Company and Ohio Gas Company. He had been a consultant for Zinder Engineering of Ann Arbor for many years. His experience and attention to field detail, both in the drilling for oil and gas and in the requiring of quality control, led to profitable investments in southeastern Michigan. In addition to his oil and gas work, Thad's geological background gave him a voracious interest in ecological issues, including landfill and disposal sites for hazardous and toxic waste materials. These interests gave him recognition throughout the state of Michigan. Other interests included the John Birch Society, Friends of Michigan Schools, and membership and participation in local churches where he resided. He was a staunch advocate for his God, family, and country. Thad is survived by two daughters, Lydia Claire and Eleanor Lynne; five grandchildren; and five great grandchildren from his first marriage. He is also survived by his wife, Apalena Roxaline Schulze, whom he married in 1947 in Lansing, Michigan; their four children, Roxaline Virginia, Cora Jean, Lois Elizabeth, and Thaddeus Schulze; 11 grandchildren; one great grandchild; one brother, James Franklin; one sister, Lois Marilyn; and an aunt, Condray Hallum.

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