A reconnaissance study involving apatite fission-track analysis of surface Paleozoic sedimentary and Cretaceous intrusive rocks was undertaken to evaluate the low-temperature thermal history of the Ouachita Mountain fold belt and Arkoma basin of Arkansas. Paleozoic rocks have apparent apatite-fission-track ages ranging from 184 ±12 Ma to 95 ±11 Ma with mean track lengths in the range of 12.95 ±0.17 μm to 13.51 ±0.13 μm, indicating that these samples have undergone significant postdepositional annealing. Cretaceous samples have apatite fission-track ages between 104 ±4 and 88 ±6 Ma that are concordant with Rb-Sr and K-Ar ages, and mean track lengths in the...

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