In the Eek Mountains, southwest Alaska, four depositional settings record Permian to mid-Cretaceous marine sedimentation and post-Valanginian crustal shortening. Sequence 1: pillowed basalt flows (Si02 = 44%) and volcaniclastic sediments intercalated with Permian Atomodesma-bearing sandy limestones grade upward through volcanic debris flow deposits and tuffaceous argillites into sequence 2: thin-bedded chert with argillite partings. Sequence 3 rests conformably(?) on sequence 2 and consists of undated argillite grading upward into Early Cretaceous (Valanginian) thin-bedded Tcde/Tde turbidites and thick-bedded conglomeratic grain flow deposits. Sequence 4 consists of late Early Cretaceous (Albian) thick-bedded conglomeratic grain flow deposits and minor Tcde/Tde and Ta/Tab...

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