Canada showed an 8.7% decrease in total wells drilled (6,561 wells) and an 11.9% decrease in the amount of footage drilled (23,737,415 ft). Of these discoveries, 157 were in western Canada. In the United States, total drilling activity increased 9.4% (88,106 wells), and footage drilled increased 9.6% (76,039 mi) compared with 1981. There were 1,402 new-field discoveries, down 1.7% from 1981. Estimates of ultimate reserves reported discovered in 1982 in the United States showed a decrease in the volumes of both liquids and gases over those discovered in 1981. New fields in 1982 discovered an estimated 651.64 million bbl of oil and condensate and 3.84 tcf of gas. 1982 production remains significantly greater than the amount found.--Modified journal abstract.

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