In Australia overall, there were 125 exploration wells and 107 development wells drilled and/or commenced in 1981. Significant onshore oil discoveries were made in Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia. Commercial oil discoveries at Merimellia 6, South Australia (2,738 BOPD), and at Jackson 1, Queensland (350 BOPD). There is perhaps up to 25,000 mi 2 in the relatively unexplored Eromanga Basin where Mesozoic oil might occur. Natural gas production increased 9.1% in 1981 relative to 1980 to 11,647.48 million m 3 . Oil production in 1981 increased 6.8% relative to 1980, or by 1,456,510 m 3 to 22,773,323 m 3 for an average daily production of about 392,500 bbl.--Modified journal abstract.

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