11,014 wells were reported as completed, up 54.3% from the previous year. Footage drilled, 36,492,626 ft, was up 48.9%. The production of both oil and gas increased along with the increase in drilling activity. Total gas production for the district (433,798,117 mcf), increased 8.3%, and oil production (20,090,456 bbl) increased 10.3%. In Maryland, a deeper pool test in Mountain Lake Park field was completed as a dry hole at a depth of 7,845 ft. Drilling operations in Ohio increased 64.2% in 1981, the most active year on record. Pennsylvania's drilling activity increased significantly (75.9%) in 1981 compared with 1980. Drilling activity in Virginia increased 20.0% during 1981 with 30 new wells drilled. Total well completions in West Virginia increased 15.2% from 1980, with 2,002 wells reported in 1981.--Modified journal abstract.

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