In Kansas, drilling reached an all-time high of 6,865 wells, a 30% increase over 1980. Oil reservoirs dominated with completions up 42.4% to 3,089, while completions of gas wells were up only 8% to 617 wells. Total footage drilled amounted to 23,618,361 compared with 14,546,356 in 1980. Approximately 22% of total wells were classified as exploratory, 77% were development. In Missouri, drilling was up a moderate 13.5% over last year. However, the most startling information was the 200% increase in new-field wildcat completions. Total footage drilled was 133,531 compared with 77,525 in 1980. Oil production for the year was 226,206 bbl, up 70%. The success rate among all tests drilled was 42.13%.--Modified journal abstract.

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