Canada showed a decrease of 21.8% in total wells drilled (7,186) and a 22.1% decrease in the amount of footage drilled (26,954,094). The 205 new-field wildcat discoveries represented a success rate of 43%. Of these discoveries, 84 were in Alberta and 79 were in Saskatchewan. The new-field and new-pool wildcats accounted for 70.3% of the 1,926 exploratory discoveries. In Canada, 61.4% of the 3,137 exploratory wells drilled were successful. In the United States, total drilling increased 28.9% (80,537 wells), and footage drilled increased 26.8% (69,365 mi) compared with 1980. There were 1,423 new-field discoveries; a 6.2% increase over 1980. The ratio of new-field dry holes to producers was 4.66:1, and the success rate was 17.7%, substantially higher than the normal 9 to 11%. In the United States, new fields discovered an estimated 652.99 million bbl of oil and condensate and 4.3 tcf of gas.--Modified journal abstract.

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