During 1980, 6,246 wells were drilled in eastern New Mexico and west Texas, 19.3% more than in 1979. The success rate for all wells was 81.0%, up 2.6% from 1979. The number of exploratory wells drilled was 18.2% higher than in 1979, and total exploratory footage drilled was up 19%. The exploratory success rate increased from 27% to 31.8%. Seismic crew activity increased 15% from 1979, continuing an upward trend. On the basis of seismic activity, which is usually a reliable indicator of trends in exploratory drilling, an increase in wildcat drilling is predicted for 1981 and 1982. During 1980,19.5% more development wells were drilled, and development footage reached a record mark of 30,208,695 ft, an increase of 25.3%. Development success rate increased by 2.1%, to 91.2%. Oil production for 1980 was 611,525,022 bbl, down 5% from 1979 and down 18.2% from the all time high of 747,467,187 bbl in 1973. Oil production from west Texas and eastern New Mexico still represents approximately one-fifth the total United States production.

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