In 1980, there were 665 wells completed in New York. This figure is partly estimated. In existing fields, 162 oil wells and 405 gas wells were completed.

Exploratory drilling resulted in 7 new gas field discoveries and 29 extensions to existing gas fields. Two discoveries were in the Middle Devonian Hamilton Shale. In the far western part of the state, one other discovered gas in the Lower Silurian Medina Sandstone and in Upper Devonian shales. Another discovery, in central New York, discovered gas in the Upper Ordovician Queenston Formation. The remaining 3 discoveries were in the Medina Sandstone in western New York. Twenty-six of the extensions were to Medina Sandstone fields in western New York; 2 extended a Queenston field in central New York, and 1 extended a Hamilton Shale field in western New York. One dry Cambrian test was drilled in western New York.

Oil production in 1980 was 824,296 bbl, and gas production amounted to 15,652 mmcf. On January 1, 1980, the price for New York stripper crude was $38.00/bbl; at the end of the year the price was $37.00/bbl. Wellhead gas prices ranged up to $2.82/mcf.

In 1980, four companies accomplished 48 crew weeks of reflection seismic work in New York.

Two state parks were leased by competitive bidding in 1980. Columbia Gas leased more than 100,000 ac in the overthrust trend in eastern New York. Leasing continued in areas of possible Medina gas production, along Oriskany Sandstone structural trends and in shallow Upper Devonian sandstone oil-producing areas.

Columbia Gas project Penny will continue to stimulate drilling for Medina Sandstone gas production in western New York. Several Devonian black shale gas tests are planned. Additional oil field drilling will occur, spurred by continuing high crude prices. Federal government approval of leasing and drilling for gas in Lake Erie is still not forthcoming.

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