Iowa drilling activity during 1975 consisted of injection-withdrawal wells drilled by a gas-storage company in Louisa County. In Kansas crude oil production during 1975 (59,106,104 bbl) dropped 4.2% below the 1974 level; natural gas production (850,786,261 Mcf) decreased 4.9%. Processing plants recovered 28.7 million bbl of natural gasoline and LPG and 773 MMcf of helium. Drilling increased 20% with 3,398 holes reported; 50% of the holes drilled solely for oil or gas were successful. In 1975, 91 holes were drilled in Missouri; 69 were shallow stratigraphic core tests and 15 were unsuccessful wildcat tests. Nebraska, with 346 wells, had 50.4% more completions in 1975 than the year before. Total footage drilled was 1,732,450 (5,021 ft per well).The Panhandle counties had the most activity in 1975. Thirteen new fields were discovered in Nebraska. No tests were drilled for oil or gas in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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