Dredging, coring and arcer profiling of the Florida escarpment southward from lat 28 degrees 1.5' N. southward to the Florida Strait, of Jorden Knoll in the Strait, and of Campeche escarpment northeast of Yucatan have revealed in all three areas late Aptian-Albian reef and forereef facies which lithologically and paleontologically are nearly identical to the Glen Rose-Stuart City reefs of the U.S. Gulf Coast and the El Abra-Golden Lane reefs of eastern Mexico. A deep-sea channel separated the Florida from the Campeche escarpment; Jorden Knoll may have been an early Cretaceous atoll. The complex geologic history of the eastern Gulf of Mexico since Early Cretaceous time is related to Middle Cretaceous and 'Laramide' tectonic events in Cuba. An understanding of the events may lead to the discovery of petroleum accumulations in the region.

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