The upper Smackover Limestone consists of an upper transitional facies, then the reservoir facies composed of oolites and superficially coated pellets with spar cement and primary intergranular porosity; the mixed facies composed of subequal quantities of all grain types with spar cement and mud matrix; and the pellet-mud facies composed of pellets in a mud matrix which commonly is dolomitized. Pellet-mud was deposited in warm, quiet, shallow, probably hypersaline water. Subsequently slight differential uplift caused turbulence in local areas, where the mixed facies was deposited. Later regional uplift and regression brought about conditions favorable for extensive oolite accretion, resulting in reservoir-facies deposition. Continued uplift of land areas on the north supplied increasing amounts of terrigenous detritus to the transition facies, and carbonate deposition eventually ceased.

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