North African petroleum production increased 24 percent over 1965. The production is almost entirely from three regions, the Sirte basin of Libya, the Saharan basin of Algeria, and the Suez graben of Egypt yielding 64.0, 30.4, and 5.0 percent of the total. The oil-bearing formations range in age from Precambrian to Miocene, with 71 percent of the oil coming from the Paleocene, Cambro-Ordovician, and Cretaceous. The outstanding fields for the year were the Libyan Zelten yielding 159 million barrels from the Paleocene and the Gialo field yielding 84 million barrels from the Eocene. The outstanding discovery well was in the Western Desert of Egypt yielding 8660 barrels per day from a Cretaceous carbonate. Increases occurred in geologic and gravity exploration in north Africa, but seismic work and exploratory drilling decreased. Individual country reports are included.

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