Total petroleum production of 396,560 barrels per day, or 144,747,088 for the year, was an increase of only 3 percent over 1964; but large increases occurred in gas production in Germany and the Netherlands. Small increases in petroleum production in most countries were offset by a conservation cutback in Sicily. Natural gas production in the Netherlands increased 150 percent to 176 MMCFD, and German gas production rose 52 percent to 215 MMCFD. Gas was discovered below 16,000 feet in the Aquitaine basin in southwestern France, and the first offshore gas field in Italy began producing. In the North Sea, 13 wells were completed in British and German waters, and gas was discovered 35 miles off the English coast. Switzerland was unsuccessful in extending the 1964 gas discovery, but the Ayoluengo oil field of northern Spain was extended. The northernmost deep oil test began in Spitsbergen. In the USSR, oil production increased 9 percent to 4,660,000 barrels per day, and gas production rose 17 percent to 12.5 BCFD. Oil and gas were discovered in Latvia. Offshore drilling in the Caspian Sea increased. Gas production increased in Romania, Hungary, and Poland.

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