Petrologic and statistical studies of sandstones of uppermost Moyers and basal Wildhorse Mountain Formations which bracket the Stanley-Jackfork boundary show that sources for the sandstones were from south and north and to a lesser extent east in contrast to previous studies based on sedimentary structures which had indicated an eastern source. Sands delivered to Ouachita geosyncline distributed by turbidity currents and slump, then redistributed in part by axial currents producing axially oriented structures. In order of abundance sandstone types are upper Moyers subarkose, subgraywacke, arkose, graywacke, feldspathic graywacke, and orthoquartzite; basal Whitehorse Mountain orthoquartzite, subarkose, and subgraywacke. Feldspathic, subarkosic and arkosic types derived from south while orthoquartzites and subgraywackes derived from north with some orthoquartizte also from east, possibly the Illinois Basin.

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