Petroleum production in Middle East countries in 1964 totaled 2,786,559,000 bbls. and average of 7,613,546 b/d. This compares with 2,490,957,000 bbls. or 6,824,589 b/d in 1963.

Exploration was prevented by circumstances in Iraq, Yemen, and Cyprus, and little or no exploratory activity was carried out in some of the smaller countries such as the Neutral Zone. However, the scale of effort increased noticeably in Turkey, Israel, and the Trucial Coast States. New discoveries were reported from Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, and Israel.

License activity was highest in the Persian Gulf area where the National Iranian Oil Company called for bids on offshore acreage.

The Syrian Government promulgated a decree restricting petroleum development and production to the Government.

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