Oil production in the non-communist countries of the Far East increased from about 538,000 b/d in 1961 to 570,000 b/d in 1962, an increase of 6%. Indonesia's production reached a new high with an estimated 464,000 b/d. With the completion of the pipe line from the Tandjung field in East Kalimantan (East Borneo) to the Balikpapan Terminal production in that area increased by 33,000 b/d. There was very little exploration by industry in Indonesia during 1962. Pan American international was granted exploration rights in Central Sumatra covering 13,500 sq mi. The government of Burma acquired complete control of Burma Oil Co. (1954) Ltd. at the end of the year. Exploration drilling was reported from Burma, British Borneo, Japan, Papua, the Philippines, Portuguese Timor, and Taiwan. Discoveries of oil and gas were reported in 1962 from Japan and Taiwan.

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